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Padar Island is the natural highlight of the Komodo islands. The island is famous for the viewpoint from where you can see the three beaches of Padar Island. The best time to do the climb is in the early morning for sunrise.

komodo island

Most tourists looking for things to do in Flores come to visit the island of Komodo, home to the famous Komodo dragons. To see the Komodo dragons you will have to join a Komodo Island tour with one of the rangers. . The best time to visit the island of Komodo is in the early afternoon when the big Komodo dragons are sitting lazily in the shade and the baby dragons are wandering through the wilderness.

scuba diving

Exploring Labuan Bajo seems is just another ordinary activity unless you marvel over the top-rated, underwater sites, scattered across the seascape of Komodo National Park. The dive sites are divided into two parts, the South and the central north. Some incredible spots filled with the richest marine biodiversity are manta alley, yellow wall, and cannibal rock.


Ask our front office about this activity and we can help you arrange a tour.

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